Brief CV for Graham Lambert

Personal Data
Home address 38 Sweet Valley Road, Bergvliet, Cape Town, 7945
Telephone numbers 021 713-1334 [hm]  082-419-1334 [cell]
Identity Number 490214 5005 081
Date of birth 14 February, 1949
Present age 64
Sex Male
Nationality South African (Valid passport)
Marital status Married with four children
Drivers licence Code 08 (Light motor vehicle) with no endorsements
Home language English
Other languages Afrikaans (speak, read, write well)
Military commitments None
Criminal offences None
Health Excellent: runner, diver, non smoker.
Schooling Franklin D Roosevelt Primary. (Johannesburg 1955 to 1961)
Roosevelt High School. (Johannesburg 1962 to 1966)
Standard passed Matric
Subjects Math's, Science (distinction), English, Afrikaans, Geography, History
Colleges and Universities
Witwatersrand College for Advanced Technical education (1967 to 1974)
National Technical Diploma (Electronics)

University of SA (1980 to 1982)
Diploma in Datametrics (Computer science)
(Overall mark with distinction)

Computer Sciences Institute (1999)
Diploma in E-Commerce

Other courses attended Electromagnetic Compatibility (Wits. Univ.)
Middle Management (COMRO)
C Programming (Damelin)
Information Mapping for the Web
Supervisory Management (CPUT)
Other Skills I am "handy", with good problem solving skills. Very PC literate, and good at training and communicating . I write well and enjoy technical documentation. My wide general knowledge and practical nature make me a sensible and useful person.
Interests SCUBA Diving, Photography, Hiking, 4X4.
Employment History
Present Employer Cape Peninsula University of Technology
Zonnebloem, Cape Town
Activity of firm University (Elec Eng)
Post held Academic Mentor, Co-operative Education Co-ordinator, Intranet/Internet Webmaster
2008 - Present
Job functions Co-operative Education Co-ordinator, Intranet and Internet application designer and developer, Webmaster, Database administrator.
Experience gained PHP, SQL, MySql, JavaScript, Ajax, Systems Analysis
Previous Employer Ziton/GE Security
Maitland, Cape Town
Activity of firm Fire detection systems
Post held QualityEngineer
2003 - 2008
Job functions Electronic design assement, reliability engineering, software development, Database Administration, Department administration.
Experience gained VB.Net, C#.Net, PHP, SQL, MySql, Data migration and transformation. Windows software development
Previous Employer WebSmith
Bergvliet, Cape Town
Activity of firm Internet, PC and Database software development
Post held Proprietor
1999 - Present
Job functions Customer liaison, Analysis, Design, Development, Research, Marketing, DBA, Network administration.
Experience gained Project management, Business skills, VB, ASP, SQL, PHP, MySql, SqlServer, Oracle, XML, HR systems, Payroll Systems, PC to outside world interfacing, Data migration and transformation. Windows software development, Microsoft family product integration internally and externally.
Previous Employer Plessey Tellumat SA Ltd
Research and Development
White Road, Retreat, Cape Town
Activity of firm Electronic R& D and Manufacture of Digital Telecommunications, Commercial and Military products
Post held Webmaster & Senior Software Engineer (R&D)
1990 - 1999
Job functions Internet and Intranet Web development and publishing in HTML and Javascript, including graphics work in Photoshop and Flash; Applications development in Visual Basic 6, including Web database asp interfaces; Development of automated test environments using HP Vee for 23GHz Digital radio systems; Multimedia presentation development for CD Rom and Powerpoint. Interfacing with web clients and senior management.
Experience gained Design and development of complete Web applications, resulting in a broad Internet knowledge. Windows application software development. Design and development of digital and analogue electronic systems. Software systems analysis and design. Preparation of products for manufacture. Extensive PC literacy. Familiarity with many applications packages.
HTML, ASP, VB, HP Vee, Flash, Photoshop, SQL
Previous Employer Chamber of Mines Research Organization (now CSIR)
Engineering Systems Branch
PO Box 91230
Auckland Park 2006
1974 - 1990
Type of firm Mining research
Electronic and mechanical R&D
Post held Senior Project Overseer
Main job functions Conception, design, development, printed-circuit design, commissioning, testing and project management of specialized voice and data communications systems for underground use, including analogue, digital, microprocessor, instrumentation and radio frequency technologies. I ran many successful small projects and represented the Chamber in negotiations with major organizations such as Plessey, Grinaker, CSIR and Telkom.
Experience gained Hardware design and development to component level (analogue and RF). PCB design and layout. Project management. Publishing and presentation skills. good knowledge of the gold/coal mining industry.
Prior Employment After qualifying and before joining the Chamber, I did 4 years in-service training with Telkom, maintaining automatic telephone exchanges, and a brief stint with Associated Rectifier, producing 50V/2000A rectifier units.
Experience gained Broad knowledge of telecommunications systems, learned to take charge of emergency situations (night shift, power failures etc), methodical approach to problem solving.

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