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Versatronics is a long standing Cape Town based CC that has been in existance since 1990. Working from home, we specialize in once-off projects. This enables us to work with you in a personal, customized manner, processing your idea from design, through PCB layout and manufacture, to a tested, optimized solution that meets your exact needs.
  • Hardware design
  • PCB Layout
  • Software
  • Consulting
  • Accelerated ageing tests
  • Training
  • Documentation

  • Why you should use Versatronics for your project

    No idea or requirement of yours is too small for us to consider. With over 30 years in the electronic industry and experience in analogue, digital, DC, RF, micro controller and software design, we can probably do what you need. You will get personalized and understanding treatment with the utmost confidentiality.

    Latest Project

    Pre paid electricity meters have a way of running out of credit when you least expect it, leaving you in the dark late on Sunday night! Likewise, coastal town sewerage conservancy tanks get full and overflow unexpectedly with nasty results. Our dual monitor keeps an eye on both the tank level and the electricity meter credits and conveniently sends you a SMS when you need to take action. They are also controllable remotely via SMS. As an added bonus it can open your door remotely via a PIN encoded SMS to admit guests too, and you can turn your geyser (HWC) on and off remotely.
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    Typical Past Projects

    Arduino and PIC based micro controllers, LED billboard and signage animated controllers, Electricity and conservancy tank level monitors, Custom keypad security systems, GSM commander links - interfacing custom controllers to the cell phone SMS network, Radio control switches, Short-wave transmitters and receivers, Instrumentation (DC to RF), Glider winch launch controllers, Burglar alarm to SMS controllers, Internet or SMS remote control of any device or appliance, 10 bank SLA battery chargers. High voltage power supplies for titanium anodizing, Industrial paint filling machines, Environmental chamber remote (via Internet) control, Custom LED lighting and signage controllers, Robots, Training, RS232 to other protocol convertors.
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    Projects in development

    Projects in the design stage include:
    • A fall alarm for old persons, uses a wrist worn 'panic button' which connects to a cell phone module and dials 5 designated responders and sends an SMS to say the person has fallen. The responder can sms back making the unit sound a loud beep to give the victim confidence that help is on the way.
    • A sophisticated quiz game which includes 4 contestant stations and a quizmaster station. Once the contestant hits the button the others are locked out, but 2nd 3rd and 4th places are saved so if the first responder is wrong, the action moves to responder 2 etc. A timer is included and each contestant has a large display showing their accumulated score.
    • A converter from RS232/485 to Wi Fi enabling any serial device to communicate to a PC/Lap top wirelessly. to co
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